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Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great-language romanization">Kōnstantînos; 27 February c. 272 – 22 May 337), also known as Constantine I, was Roman emperor from 306 to 337. Born in Naissus, Dacia Mediterranea, he was the son of Flavius Constantius, an Illyrian army officer who became one of the four emperors of the Tetrarchy. His mother, Helena, was Greek and of low birth. Constantine served with distinction under emperors Diocletian and Galerius campaigning in... Read More

Born27 February c. 272
Naissus, Moesia Superior, Roman Empire (Niš, Serbia)
Died22 May 337 (aged 65)
Nicomedia, Bithynia, Roman Empire (İzmit, Turkey)
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